Remko Van der Auwera & Anna M. Szaflarski 

Wood and clay will wash away 

20.5.2021 – 24.6.2021

Anna M. Szaflarski’s four plaster reliefs, If you can, take absolutely nothing personal. (2020) have been offered a stay at the beach in Remko Van der Auwera’s scenography, titled, Huzza! T’will last for ages long (2021).

It’s a beautiful day but there is still no REST to be found. The sun is too piercing, the sand too hot. There are fleas, I swear! There exists no hat large enough to protect us from the blasting solar radiation, but more importantly from the incessant anxiety that continues to churn inside of me. But we must all rest, to make the work we do worth something!

Maybe REST is hiding under the rocks. Maybe it needs to be dislodged with a stick. Maybe it needs to be agitated from the water. Maybe it needs to be built up, or arranged carefully. Maybe it needs to be shaken out of a towel, or inquired about from a passing stranger. Maybe it comes later with the sunset, or rises eerily with the moon. Maybe it never comes in bad weather. Maybe you should have checked the weather! Maybe it won’t make an appearance until our legs and arms are entirely depleted of energy, until tears stream down our wind-chapped cheeks, until everything has been washed away.

How do you feel?
Much better thank you.