Yalda Afsah, Alexander Wagner, Roberto Winter

Film Screening


by Yalda Afsah

14 min, 2018, FullHD

The short movie Tourneur documents a bull fight in the South of France and comments in a subtle manner
the disparity between the young, adrenaline rushed participants and the physically superior bull, which gets
cornered by the participants.
The unpredictability of the situation is increased by foam, which affects the view of the participants and
the audience therefore, the encounter of humans and animal seem like an alienation in this abstract
landscape of foam.



by Alexander Wagner

10 min, 2003, Super 8

Alexander Wagner’s film Transtejo presents the crossing of a ferry from Lisbon’s Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas on the southern shore of the river Tejo.
It war originally recorded in 2003 in Super 8 when Wagner lived in Lisbon, Portugal.



A role play
by Roberto Winter

42 min 51s, 2017, Video

August 2017, an e-mail marks the endpoint of an investigation that was carried out for weeks only to culminate in a deadlock. Just over a month before, a video posted on XVideos introduced a contradictory revelation: its narrator, who committed a crime — and was never identified — is convinced that his story has been misrepresented by the press, which leads him to make his confession in a very specific way. Understanding his motivation means following his steps in a complex online puzzle.

An icelandic documentary tries to tell the story of a journalist who followed the killer’s digital footprints through an online archive of the activities of his avatars on sites and social networks such as YouTube, Whatsapp, XVideos, Wikipedia, Instagram, among others.

“A role play” is an intricate plot mixing reality and fiction and exploring virtual possibilities. It unfolds as the narrator’s traces are chased in a labyrinthine online story composed of five episodes that show the invisible structuring of our own cybernetic lives: the amount of information revealed about the activities performed inside and outside of the internet.