Clara-Lane Lens

public intimacy 

Opening: Friday, 24 February 2023, 6-9 PM

25.2.2023 – 21.4.2023

Intimacy and publicity are opposites. As soon they intertwine with one another, they both lose their significance.
Can publicity become intimate again, moving from the outside to the innermost? If the concept of seeing in itself contains an inside and an outside and thereby two directions of perception, it is our way to translate memory and imagination from the inside to the outside. And if exterior reflections of light in different wavelengths show us a part of the world that travel from the eyes to the mind, then public subjects can also become intimate. Clara-Lane Lens builds a space into the SOX showcase that exhibits a doubly nested intimacy. From memory, she has combined multiple childhood bathrooms in a three-dimensionally distorted image that initially merges two uttermost intimate subjects: bathrooms and the artist’s own thoughts. Clara-Lane paints seemingly past us, precise negligence avoids any suspicion of exhibitionism.