Sarah Lehnerer

Soft . Strands . Chicks (Sonic Version

15.12.2017 – 26.01.2018

SOFT . STRANDS . CHICKS (sonic version)

I would like to suggest the combination of generic terms as one possibility to open up specific associative spaces, and in this context SOFT could potentially be advice for an attitude or an agency towards social behavior. It could be a special ingredient or a temper to influence or shape a discourse, but it could also be a conflict within myself. STRANDS could be a gesture of spreading or redistributing, it could mean something like polyphony. But in a German reading it could also be understood as an incorrect plural of ›Strand‹, that would mean ›many beaches‹. And CHICKS, well, that’s us, the girls*, but also the boys* who want to identify. At least this is something I learned from the (literary) genre of auto-fiction: to reuse or adopt the given labels and to tell the same old stories—with different meanings, contexts or endings.
Sarah Lehnerer (quote from the book: SOFT . STRANDS . CHICKS, 2017)
The SOX lightbox enabled QR access to weekly vary sonic texts by 5 different artists and writers during the exhibition; audible via:
texts & audio pieces by the artists & authors:
Max Grau: A) / B)
Juno Meinecke: I grab I kiss I lick I look. Sketch for a film that does not exist
Inka Meißner: Walking an unknown / all too familiar coastline (voice: Marlene List Thomsen)
Franca Scholz: Baby B
Tenzing Barshee: Bradyseism (voice: Lennart Schürmann)